Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Indian at the Hindu Temple

At the Indian cooking class Nate and I took last week, one of the teachers told us about the weekly Sunday lunch--for only $5--that is served at the Hindu Temple of Wisconsin. I immediately turned to Nate and said, "We have to go on Sunday!" I was half kidding about going that coming Sunday, but that's just what happened. We combined a motorcycle ride and lunch at the Hindu temple on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

The meal was absolutely wonderful, and there was plenty of food for only $5. We even saw our new friend, the teacher, from the cooking class. He recognized us, and asked if we did any "homework" yet. All the food is homemade and I'm almost positive it's always vegetarian. Each week, they make different food from different regions in India.

The meal on Sunday was an authentic Gujarati meal. It included:
-Poori, an unleavened bread
-Aloo baingan sabji, a curry with eggplant and potatoes
-Gujarati daal, a lentil soup
-Jerra rice, basmati rice with cumin
-Methi gota, fried fenugreek dumplings
-Soji halwa, a sweet dish made with semonlina

Here is the picture I snapped with my phone. Just looking at it makes me want to go eat there again soon!

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