Sunday, April 11, 2010

Trader Jose's Tamales

Whenever I make a trip to Trader Joe's, I load up on tasty frozen meals--usually pasta, stir-fry and sometimes enchiladas. The last time I went, I bought two kinds of tamales: chicken and veggie and cheese. We had them for a tasty, easy meal last week. We used our bamboo steamer, which worked really well for cooking them quickly.

I heated up a can of black beans with some spices and seasoning, and chopped onion, red and green pepper.

This is what happens when a black bean ends up under the stove and the dog tries pawing at it for a couple minutes--your husband has to go in and get it for her.



  1. I love tamales. I'm making a batch soon and am going to try a few different fillings.

  2. I've never made them from scratch, but I'd love to some time. It can't be too hard ...

  3. oh my god, nate on the kitchen floor, that is priceless!!!! i think i find it so funny because it reminds me of the "oyster cracker incident" of circa 1994...