Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cuban Food

As I've mentioned in previous posts, a group of girlfriends and I do ethnic dining once a month. We've covered a lot of Milwaukee-area restaurants in the two years or so we've been doing this, and sometimes we happen to go back to some of our favorites.

Last Wednesday, we went back to Cubanitas for great Cuban food. It was Leah's birthday, so we let the birthday girl decide. Cubanitas, as usual, didn't disappoint!
As we always do, we ordered the plantain chips and guacamole. This appetizer is reason enough to try Cubanitas.

For my dinner, I finally branched out and tried something new: the Pan con Lechon sandwich, a pork sandwich with raw onions on Cuban bread and a mojo sauce. I usually get the Cuban sandwich (without a pickle, though--can't stand pickles) because it's so great, but I'm happy I finally tried something new.

After dinner, we went a few doors down to Indulge, a wine bar with delicious chocolates. It was ladies night, so we each had a glass of ... something (I don't know my wines too well) and tried the Top Chef chocolate sampler.
Everything was pretty tasty, but some were better than others. One of our favorites was the cinnamon cayenne, which had a nice spice and a great cinnamon flavor. I also really liked the chipotle cherry and balsamic fig. I wasn't too keen on the shiitake mushroom or sweet basil.

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