Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Making It Up As I Go

I rescued some cooked rice noodles my friend JoAnn was going to throw away after a get-together last week. I knew I'd use them somehow, especially because I had some spicy Thai peanut sauce to use up.

So Monday, I made a spicy, peanut-y, tofu Thai noodle dish for dinner. It turned out really well--the only bad thing was that using as much sauce as I did made it a little too salty for me. But all in all, it was really good.

I used:
-A block of fresh tofu from Outpost
-Sugar snap peas
-Yellow pepper
-Just a bit of shredded carrot
-Chopped roasted peanuts
-Spices and seasonings, including pepper, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, crushed red pepper
-Spicy Thai peanut sauce
-Cooked rice noodles.

For the tofu, I wrapped it in some paper towel and put some dishes on top so some water would come out. I heated a skillet with canola oil and some jalapeno grape seed oil. I cut it up the tofu in small pieces and pan fried the pieces until they were brown and a bit crispy. I put the tofu in a bowl.

In that same skillet, I heated some more oil and stir-fried the veggies and some spices.
After they were cooked enough, but still crispy, I added the tofu, noodles and sauce. The noodles were sticking together pretty well, so I used the kitchen shears to cut them up. I heated everything up, and that was all!

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