Sunday, April 18, 2010

Being Green

This post isn't exactly all about food, but it's sort of all related ...

I've been wanting to make a compost bin for a long time, and we finally bought the materials over the weekend to do so. I'm becoming more and more aware of being as green as I can be with small changes, and I figured this was one good way to do so.

We built (OK, really, Nate did most of the building, but I was there to help as much as possible) a cedar lattice compost bin following these instructions. It was pretty easy and relatively cheap (all together, about $30). It's in the back of our yard, and even though it's in plain site from the kitchen windows and the backyard patio, it at least looks nice!
We're keeping a small, sealed plastic bin underneath our sink so we can put debris in there as we're cooking and take it outside later. We haven't actually put anything in the compost yet, but I hope it becomes an easy habit to get into.

Also, we became Outpost owners again today. Nate bought me an ownership a few years ago as a Christmas present, which was great, but we didn't use it as much as I would have liked. Now that we're getting more and more into organic produce and other foods, grass-fed meats, I believe we'll go to Outpost more and more--I hope it becomes a weekly thing.
Much of this new desire to eat this way comes after seeing "Food, Inc." Here's my mini PSA: please watch it. It's amazing what produce growers, farmers and big corporations do with our food in this country, much of it very disturbing. It really makes you think twice. It's not easy to make big changes, but little changes go a long way.)

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  1. ah, i love it! i've been meaning to start a compost for a long time, i am just scared that the worms will escape and mate with the cockroaches during the night and then i'll have a big mess on my hands. but seriously i do want to start one so kudos to you for actually doing it! :)