Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cheese + Cupcakes = A Dream Come True

On Sunday, Nate and I and our friends Amanda and Jon went to our first-ever Iron Cupcake Milwaukee event at the Harley-Davidson Museum. I had heard about it from friends and read about it, but never had the chance to experience it until now.

Iron Cupcake Milwaukee (ICM) works like this: a bunch of bakers bake mini cupcakes using the "secret" (maybe "special" is a better word) ingredient and then come to the ICM event and showcase their creations. Average people off the street buy a ticket, which gets them 12 samples, and they go around the room and try whichever cupcakes look appealing. The judges, the people who buy tickets, then pick their favorites for taste and presentation. Those bakers win a gift certificate, possibly other prizes, and, of course, bragging rights.

The event was a lot of fun and really tasty, for the most part (there were a few odd ones that didn't taste all that great). My egg carton full of minicupcakes:
The "special" ingredient for this event was cheese. Nate and I were very strategic about our picks--we each chose 12 different ones and split them all (we tried 24 of the 27 available). Everyone's egg cartons:

My favorite for taste, which won for that category, was the first one I picked up: a honey cake with lavender topped with goat cheese frosting. YUM! The one I picked for presentation, the one that looked like a mini cheeseburger, didn't win. Still, I thought it was cute.

I honestly can't really remember what else I tried. There were so many and it was hard to always read the descriptions of what was in them. It was definitely a mad rush to get cupcakes. The event started at 3--by the time we got through the doors at about 3:10, some of the bakers were running out of cupcakes!

It was a fun event, and I recommend checking it out if you haven't been already. Check out the ICM blog for more information about ICM and about Sunday's event. In the first picture, you can kind of see Nate, Jon and me!

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