Sunday, February 7, 2010

Two Restaurant Reviews

Friday was a great food day. For lunch, I went with some girlfriends to an Ethiopian restaurant not far from my office: Alem Ethiopian Village. I had had Ethiopian a few times before at another restaurant in Milwaukee. It was good, but it was even better at Alem. The food was fantastic--really flavorful, somewhat spicy and hearty. Everything is served on, in a communal style, and with injera--a pancake-like bread, pictured in a basket below--which serves as an eating utensil.

I had yemiser wot, which is split lentils cooked in Ethiopian red pepper sauce and assorted spices. It came with a side of yater alitcha, which is yellow split peas cooked in a mild sauce.

Then Friday night, Nate and I went to dinner with my parents to Sobelman's, a burger bar near Marquette University. The restaurant's website is, and I think it's a pretty accurate statement. The burgers are really delicious. I just had a regular burger with cheese and fried onions. My mom had the mushroom Swiss burger and my dad and Nate both had the Sobelman burger, which I think has three types of cheeses, bacon and jalapenos. Washed down with a Lakefront Riverwest Stein, it was a perfect way to end a Friday. (By the way, the burger picture is actually half of my dad's burger. I finished mine and then I realized I never took a picture!)

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