Sunday, February 14, 2010

Middle Eastern at Casablanca

Today, for lunch before a play, Nate and I went to lunch at Casablanca, a Middle Eastern restaurant on Brady St. I, of course, have been craving falafel and I knew Nate would be up for trying it.

There was a brunch buffet available, but it didn't look quite as good and have quite as much food, as their weekly vegetarian lunch buffet. We elected to order off the menu. Everything we got was phenomenal and we talked about the food the entire time we were eating!

We started with the stuffed grape leaves--fresh grape leaves stuffed with rice and beef with some spices and served with a side of yogurt. (The pictures aren't the greatest--we were sitting next to a window with red curtains, so everything looks kind of pink!)

My meal came with soup, salad or rice. I got the lentil soup, which I had had before and knew it was really, really good. It's called Adas Majrous, with split yellow lentils simmered with carrots, onions and spices.

Nate ordered a kifta kabob sandwich (the rolled thing at the top of the picture below), which had spiced beef, tomatoes, onions and peppers wrapped in a thin pita. It was especially good with the grape leaves yogurt. He ordered rice with it, and we both couldn't stop talking about the rice! It tasted like basmati rice with almonds, cinnamon and a lot of other stuff.

I ordered the vegetarian Casablanca Combination, which included a lot of my favorite things: pita bread, falafel, hummus, baba ghanoush, tabbouleh and piece of spinach pie. It was all really, really tasty, but I think I prefer the Greek version of spinach pie a bit more--there's usually cheese in it, and I'm a sucker for feta!

All in all, it was a wonderful meal, and Nate can't stop talking about it. :) I'm anxious to try other Middle Eastern restaurants in Milwaukee with him!

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