Monday, February 1, 2010

Keeping Fresh Herbs

I hate, hate, hate having to throw food--mostly produce--away that has gone bad. I hate wasting food! I love fresh herbs, but I always seem to buy a lot of it (it seems the bigger bunches are cheaper than the smaller bits that come in those plastic containers) and end up throwing a lot of it away.

Not any more! I found a write-up online (see method 2) about how to freeze herbs in an ice cube tray. Just chop up your herbs, put about a tablespoon in an ice cube tray spot and fill about half way with water. Put it in the freezer, and after it's set, fill to the top with water so the herbs are completely covered. Once completely frozen, pop out and put in a zipped baggie. When you need it, defrost it in a bowl or strainer, or just throw directly into soup or whatever might be cooking.

I also did this with a can of chipotles. Many of the recipes that call for chipotle peppers seem to only need one or two. I put one chipotle in each ice spot and a bit of sauce. I froze them completely and put those in a baggie, too.

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  1. oh my god! this is awesome! I've bought basil in a similar package from Trader Joe's (yes, yes, it's really the only place i shop at for food). but this is a really good idear.