Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Meals

A group of girlfriends and I get together monthly for ethnic dining. This month, though, we did something a little different--we had a brunch potluck at my friend Lisa's house. It was fantastic! I love brunch and don't eat a homemade brunch very often. We had a great combination of food, some bloody Marys and mimosas.

Lisa made huevos rancheros with eggs, black beans, tomatoes, avacado and more on corn tortillas. Leah made a tasty French toast bake--I just had to have seconds since I forgot to put syrup on my first helping! Sun made a nice and buttery cheesy hash brown bake with Cornflakes on top, as well as blueberry crumble and crab ragoon types things, but instead of crab they had bacon in them. I was somewhat lame and just brought a fruit salad. Everything was very tasty, and as usual, we had great conversation.

Since we went overboard a bit this weekend with eating and drinking, we made a simple and somewhat healthy dinner: chicken breasts with Cajun seasoning, asparagus with a really tasty
maple syrup-mustard sauce (for 1 lb. of asparagus, mix 1 tbs. each of maple syrup (the real stuff!), Dijon or honey mustard and olive oil. YUM!), and leftover Buca's garlic mashed potatoes.

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