Monday, February 22, 2010

Indian at Home

One of my favorite ethnic foods is Indian food. While I have a cookbook that boasts 500 Indian recipes, I have yet to make anything out of it!

However, Nate and I are fond of buying curry sauces and frozen naan from Trader Joe's, as well as frozen samosas and pakoras from a local Indian grocery store, and cooking all that for a tasty meal.

That's what we did Saturday night. We had a curry sauce to use up, and with that, we cooked chicken, potatoes, green peppers, onions, jalapeno and chickpeas.

For an appetizer, we had some mini samosas and spinach pakoras.

We also bought some Indian-style Cheetos, only these are called "Naughty Tomato," and taste like spicy ketchup.

We also had papadum with mint chutney. With the curry, we heated up some garlic naan.

For dessert, we found some Indian cookies at the Indian grocery store.

It's not nearly as tasty as having Indian at a restaurant, but it's not bad for an easy, at-home meal.

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