Monday, February 8, 2010

NathanAle's Beer

Nate has been talking about brewing beer for quite some time. So finally, for his birthday in December, I got him a homebrew starter kit. He's been having fun with it, and finally was able to bottle the first batch on Sunday.

He started the process on this batch, an Irish Draught Ale, right after Christmas. It won't be ready to drink for another week or two. It can be quite the lengthy process--I think that's why we have another batch sitting, fermenting (?) in our guest bedroom and why he bought another package to start on pretty soon. Each batch makes about five gallons of beer (about 50 bottles) so we will have lots and lots of beer once the batches are ready for consumption!

I don't know the details of homebrewing--it seems a little too complicated to me--but here are some pictures of bottling process. He's had a lot of fun designing the labels for the beer.

Oh yeah, the name--I came up with it. I thought it was pretty clever, considering his name is Nathaniel. :)

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