Sunday, July 11, 2010

West Allis Farmer's Market

I've been a little lax on visiting area farmer's markets this summer. I think it's in part due to getting so much produce each with the CSA and that I've been out of town or busy on other Saturdays.

I've been to the downtown Milwaukee Westown Farmer's Market once during my lunch break. It's a short walk from my office, and there are always some things to try for lunch, plus produce and local products. At that market, I had lunch from Aladdin, picked up some sugar snap peas and also some homemade garlic tortilla chips.

This past Saturday, Nate and I finally made it to one of our favorites: the West Allis Farmer's Market. I like this one because it's pretty close and there is always a lot there. However, we found, based on last Saturday, that the earlier you go in the day (on Saturdays it opens at 1:00), the better. We got there at about 3:15, and some of the farmer's were gone or packing up.

But we still managed to buy quite a bit of stuff. Some stuff we needed for recipes and meals--like onions, shallots, garlic, hot peppers, yogurt and carrots, and some stuff we just wanted to stock up on--like maple syrup and ground pork.
We also got a snack at a vendor I had never seen before--it was an egg roll food truck. We tried one of the fresh spring rolls and Thai iced coffee. Both were delicious!
I'm a big fan of farmer's markets and I like getting as much produce and local products there as I can. I have many more of them to check out this summer. I hope to hit them all!

And, speaking of our CSA, the amount of produce we have been receiving is getting bigger and bigger, and there is more of a variety. This week we got sugar snap peas, pea pods, lettuce, Swiss chard, green pepper, zucchini, cucumber and more.

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