Saturday, July 24, 2010

Carolina-Style BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

On Thursday, we made another great recipe from the August Cooking Light. This time, it was Barbecue Chicken Sliders. The recipe includes pickled onions. But since I don't care for pickles (although I would have been willing to try them), we didn't want to make a whole batch and have them go to waste.

So, we just stuck with the chicken, made some slight adjustments based on what the grocery store offered and the weather conditions (a huge rain/thunderstorm/almost tornado hit Milwaukee that night, so there was no way we could grill like the recipe calls for).

Here is a link to the recipe. Here's what we did differently:
-Used 1.5 lbs. chicken breast, rather than thighs.
-Instead of using sherry vinegar, we used what we had on hand: we combined some sherry and some white vinegar.
-As I mentioned before, we made the chicken on the stove. We cooked the chicken in some water, and shred it as it cooked.
-Since we had regular-sized hamburger buns on hand, we just used those, rather than slider buns.
-Instead of the pickled onions, we just sauteed some red onions in a pan coated with cooking spray and some pomegranate balsamic vinegarette.

The chicken and sauce was really, really good. We thought there might not be enough sauce for the amount of chicken, but the chicken was coated perfectly.
But if you like it a little saucier, you might want to add a bit more. We also dabbed some garlic Cholula hot sauce on the sandwiches just before eating. Delicious!

In addition to the sandwiches, we made corn on the cob with a recipe for honey butter, also found in Cooking Light. Here's the recipe, which we just halved since we only had two ears. (Also, be sure to either eat corn on the cob within days of buying it or store it in the fridge. We kept ours out on the coutner for about five days. It was pretty dry and chewy. The honey butter was excellent, though!)

Lastly, since we got some collard greens in our last CSA box, we made them on the side. I used the recipe my friend Lisa used for the collard greens she brought to our recent Southern-style potluck.
I really liked what she brought, so I wanted to try making them. Here's the recipe. They turned out pretty good, although they should have cooked a little longer.
I sort of ignored the fact that the recipe said it would take 30 minutes for them to cook. I probably cooked mine for 20 minutes. They were edible, but still a little tough.

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