Thursday, July 22, 2010

Greek Burgers for the Girls

This Tuesday, I made Greek burgers for some girlfriends. Once a month we go to each other's houses, and often, the nights revolve around food (as they should! :)). You all know I love Greek food and Greek flavors, and I wanted to share those flavors with the girls.

I'm sure I've blogged about the Greek burgers and sandwiches we've made before, but I'm particularly proud of these burgers because I mixed them AND grilled them myself. Here's what I did to make the Greek turkey burgers:

-2 lbs. ground turkey
-tzatziki from Olympia Fine Foods.
-1/2 lb. feta from Olympia
-kalamata olives
-red onion
-salt, pepper, garlic powder, dried oregano to taste

Chop shallots and add to ground turkey in a bowl. Add seasonings as desired and mix well. Portion out into six burgers (they were pretty big burgers). Grill about 7-9 minutes each side on low, indirect heat. When almost ready, top with slices (not that feta is easy to slice) of feta and grill for about three more minutes.

Meanwhile, saute red onions on the stove with cooking spray. Chop kalamata olives.

Top burgers with onions, tzatziki, tomato slice and kalamata olives.

That's it! It's easy and delicious. We also had a tasty feta, tomato and olive appetizer, and a red onion and tomato salad on the side. Delicious!

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