Monday, July 19, 2010

Vegetarian Meal with a Bit of Bacon

One of the greatest things about this CSA box of produce we get every week is trying things we probably wouldn't normally buy if we were shopping for produce at the grocery store.

The main components of our meal last Wednesday consisted of two things we don't normally cook: patty pan squash and Swiss chard.

I've made Swiss chard a few times (I probably read somewhere about how good it is for you), but it was never anything fantastic, so we never sought it out. This time, I found a recipe I thought would work well for us.
This recipe, Swiss Chard with Garbanzo and Fresh Tomatoes, was pretty good. It was super easy and healthy. The only thing I really did differently was use an entire can of garbanzo beans, rather than the 1/2 cup it calls for. Also, I added a bit extra salt and pepper, and some Sriracha, of course! (It was also good leftover for lunch a few days later. To make it a little more filling, I added some cooked, shredded chicken and basmati rice.)

As for the patty pan squash, I had no idea how to cook it or what to do with it, so I did some online recipe searching. (It's a little foggy, due to taking a photo of fresh-out-of-the-pan steamed squash.)

This recipe, Stuffed Patty Pan Squash, proved to be fantastic. The squash are stuffed with their own innards, Parmesan cheese, bread crumbs, bacon (in our case, turkey bacon) and onions. The only drawback was that it was a bit difficult to scoop out the innards since it was so hot. But if you're not going for style points, it doesn't really matter!

We served the meal with some delicious Outpost watermelon. All in all, it was a great, tasty meal.


  1. I just commented on another post about how we have been making similar foods recently -- add swiss chard to the list! haha. I may blog about it next week, though I wasn't the biggest fan. Your recipe looks better than mine.

  2. i like the part about filling the patty pan squash with its own "innards..." he he! i must say, i've never heard of patty pan squash but it looks vaguely familiar...