Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Colorado Eats

As I've mentioned before, Nate and I were in Colorado June 24-July 4. It was our second trip to Colorado together, and we had a blast. Nate spent his first 13 years there, so we visited a lot of family and drove around much of the state. Throughout our trip, we got to eat lots of great food. And, of course, we had lots of great beer!

I wanted to post some pictures of the food we ate and mention the places we visited.

In Fort Collins, we tried something we've never had before: Nepalese cuisine. We had the lunch buffet at Mt. Everest Cafe. I can't remember everything we had, but it was all very good. It was very similar to Indian food, but seemed less spicy. I do remember we had naan, vegetable samosas and eggplant curry. The item in the upper left-hand corner, with the peas, was some kind of chicken dish. It was divine!

Also in Fort Collins, we had great, unique pasta dishes at Rasta Pasta. I had the Natural Mystic, jerk chicken and pasta in a pineapple curry sauce. I asked them to kick up the heat, too, and they sure kicked it up! Each dish comes with great garlic bread and a salad. Try the green pepper dressing!

This wasn't a restaurant meal, but great, nonetheless. We packed a picnic lunch to have while we drove throughout Rocky Mountain National Park. It worked out well. We parked at a beautiful overlook and sat looking out at the mountains. Earlier that morning we had stopped for bread, ham, cheese and grapes, and the Sun Chips we had were offered at our hotel the night before.

In Glenwood Springs, we had a huge, greasy and delicious breakfast at Rosi's Little Bavarian Restaurant. The breakfast burrito came recommended, and I'm a sucker for breakfast burritos. This one was great. It was filled with sausage, cheese, hash browns and veggies. I loved that they also had fresh, homemade salsa on every table and Cholula Garlic Hot Sauce (you can find this stuff on just about every restaurant table in Colorado. I love it!).

In Aspen, we ended up at Little Ollie's, a Thai/Chinese/Asian restaurant. We had a great, reasonable meal. We started with pork egg rolls, and then I had tofu massaman curry. It was soooo good.

Back in Fort Collins, we stopped at a great sandwich place for lunch one Saturday. At B&B's Pickle Barrel, I had the "Christy" sandwich, which included Havarti cheese, mushrooms and avocado and I had grilled tofu added to it. I also had Boulder Canyon chips for the first time, which are great. I just discovered they're available at Outpost. Score!

In Grand Lake, we stopped for what we thought we be a nice, light breakfast before hiking. It wasn't as heavy as the breakfast burrito, but filling, nonetheless! Since we couldn't quite decide what we wanted, Nate and I split a lox and bagel and this delicious-looking granola with yogurt, fruit and nuts. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the restaurant.

In Salida, where Nate spent some time growing up, we went to a great brew pub/pizza place called Amica's. We each had a great micro beer, split a house salad and then I had the pizza al pesto, which included pesto, of course, pine nuts, sun dried tomatoes, Roma tomatoes and mozzarella.

Again in Fort Collins, we stopped for a quick breakfast at The Red Table. I didn't take a picture of the food--we each had an egg, cheese and veggie breakfast bagel sandwich--but I thought the outside of the place was cute!

It was a great trip, with great food! I'd like to figure out how to make that jerk chicken and pineapple curry sauce ... I'm drooling just thinking about it!


  1. speaking of curry, i've had two curry-related meals in the past week: 1. at nate's house, where he made curry tofu (included green onions, coconut milk, curry paste, peppers, tofu, and some other veggie that i can't remember)- it was very simple but really really good! it tasted very "thai," prob because of the coconut milk? and then 2. i bought a green curry simmer sauce from trader joe's and poured it over some cooked rice, mushrooms, peas, green onions (and topped off with some sliced almonds and cashews). it was the fanciest meal i've attempted in awhile!

  2. Nate's curry tofu sounds great! Did he make his own curry paste? I want to try that sometime. Your green curry meal sounds just like what we had last night: I got a bottle of green curry simmer sauce from Outpost (some national brand--can't remember)which we had with chicken, mushrooms, peapods and snap peas, and a bunch of other veggies over rice. So good and so easy! Look for a blog post soon. :) The sliced nuts are a nice touch to your meal!