Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sweet Potato Cookies?! Oh Yes!

I know, I know--I say it all the time: I love this type of food, I love that type of food. But I really do love sweet potatoes. We actually just had sweet potato fries with dinner tonight! So when I stumbled across an opportunity to make cookies using sweet potatoes, I jumped on it.

Perusing Twitter last week, I found a tweet from Allens Veggies about a recipe using their sweet potatoes in a cookie recipe. So over the weekend I made them. The recipe is so simple (here it is) and uses only four ingredients: a box of cake mix (I used spice cake), 2 eggs, 1/3 cup chopped pecans and sweet potatoes. I decided to not use canned sweet potato, and instead used two whole sweet potatoes that totaled about 1.25 pounds before cooking.

For the sweet potatoes, I peeled them, wrapped them in plastic wrap and microwaved them on the potato setting for about 8 minutes, or until tender. I mashed them and let them cool, and then followed the recipe to combine ingredients.

I decided to make them tablespoon-sized rather than teaspoon-sized, mostly because it was easiest to use the tablespoon-sized ice-cream scoop thing I have.

I ended up baking the cookies for about 15, rather than 10, minutes since they didn't quite seem done.

After they cooled, I drizzled on homemade icing, made the way my mom showed me many, many years ago:
-Melt about 1 tbs. butter in microwave.
-In a bowl, combine butter, a few drops of vanilla, some powered sugar and some milk to the consistency you want. I wanted to be able to drizzle the icing, so it was a bit soupy.

The cookies are fantastic. The spice cake taste is really nice, and you'd really have no idea you're eating, essentially, vegetable cookies. Yum!

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