Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Stir Fry by the Seat of My Pants

Tonight for dinner we made one of our old stand-bys: stir fry. It's simple, easy, tasty and healthy.

As an appetizer, we had edamame, which we got in the CSA box. I've never made it in the shell like this. But it was tasty and easy. I boiled the pods for about 10 minutes, drained them, and then seasoned with salt and pepper.

They were good, but should have only been cooked for about 7 minutes.

For stir fry, we usually follow a recipe--at least for the sauce, if nothing else--but this time we just made it up as we went. Here's what we did (sorry, I didn't really measure anything, so just put in what you want/like!):

Beefy Veggie Stir Fry
-Flank steak
-Red bell pepper
-Red onion
-Green onion
-1 jalapeno plus another long, skinny chili

For the sauce:
-Soy sauce
-Hoisin sauce
-Fish sauce
-Sesame oil

-Ginger powder
-Garlic powder
-Garlic salt
-salt and pepper

In the wok, we cooked the veggies, minus the mushrooms, for about 5 minutes, and then added the sauce. Then we added the beef and cooked for about another 5 minutes. Then we added the mushrooms, and cooked everything for a few more minutes.
We served the stir fry on top of brown jasmine rice we cooked it in the rice steamer.
We also had some yellow watermelon I picked up at Outpost that comes from our CSA, Tipi Produce. It's unbelievably good. It's not seedless (even though it looks like it here), but doesn't have a lot of seeds (and a watermelon should have seeds, right?).

Great meal!

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