Monday, September 6, 2010

Cookout Side Dishes

On Sunday, we went to my parents' house for a cookout with some other family members. I was instructed to bring a potato salad, which I did. I also made a cucumber salad from two huge cucumbers my mother-in-law brought over about two weeks ago that I had to use up.

The summer potato salad was one I made before, quite a while ago, that I had found online. I had remembered it being good, but very lemony. I included a note on the recipe to tone down the lemon a bit.

Here is the recipe. If you like really lemony potato salads, then I suppose it's OK to keep the 1/3 cup. I used about a 1/4 cup (1 whole lemon) of freshly squeezed lemon. Also, I didn't add the hard-boiled eggs, just because I didn't really want to. I also didn't add parsley, mostly because I didn't have fresh and I forgot to defrost one of the frozen parsley cubes I had.

The potato salad was really pretty good, even though I cooked the potatoes a little too long.

It didn't really look like it made a lot, but it was the perfect amount for the eight of us, plus some leftovers.

The cucumber salad recipe I found in my Betty Crocker Cookbook. It's probably one you've seen or had before. It's really easy, I had all the ingredients on hand and it's low fat. My mom liked it so much, she kept all the leftovers!

I followed everything exactly, except that I don't really know how much cucumber I used! It's a nice way to change up eating cucumbers (we usually just put them in salads, or I have them with hummus).

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