Sunday, September 5, 2010

Restaurant Review: Red Accordion

On Friday, Nate and I and six other friends went to the Red Accordion, a newish restaurant on Old World Third Street. They have all small plates/tapas, so we ordered a bunch of stuff and passed everything around.

We first started by having each girl order two plates. Here's what we got (check out the restaurant's menu for full descriptions) and what we thought of them:

-Cajun chicken sliders (hello, pretzel rolls!)--really good. We even ordered a second round.

-Spicy bean sliders (each of the slider plates came with home-cut fries, too)--I thought they were good, but they were one of the slowest plates to empty.

-Calamari--unfortunately, it wasn't good. The calamari didn't have any flavor and neither did the chipotle aioli (actually, until I looked at the menu again (two days later) I didn't realize it was supposed to be chipotle ...).

-Vegetable spring rolls--they were just OK. They seemed to have pickled red cabbage in them, which is a bit strange.

-Reuben rolls--really good. Lots of good flavor. Tasted just like a reuben sandwich.

-Thai tilapia wings--also really good. One of our favorites. They pretty much tasted like chicken wings
-Braised short ribs--another really good one we ordered a second batch of. the ribs were made with a Lakefront Eastside Dark beer BBQ sauce and served over tortellini with a beer cheese sauce.

-Lamb lettuce wraps--really good and refreshing with the lettuce, tomatoes and feta.

After all that, we thought we needed more ... which was tasty, but turned out to be a bit too much. As I said before, we ordered two plates of two things we already tried and then two more:

-Mini baked meatloaf--it was pretty good, but it didn't taste anything like meatloaf. We thought it was more like shepherd's pie. The taste was pretty good, but I thought it had a bit of a bitter aftertaste.

-Grilled skewered chicken--unfortunately, it didn't have much taste and was fairly dry.

As far the restaurant atmosphere and service, the place was nice and a bit more casual than I thought it would be. I didn't see all of it, as there is a big, private room in the back we didn't go in.
We hit a bit of a snafu when we walked through the doors. Turns out the reservation I made a few days ago didn't really work out--whoever took my reservation, didn't realize there was a private party in the room she put us in. But, the staff was more than accommodating to hook us up with two tables pushed together in the front of the restaurant. The bar has a great beer selection, and those drinking mixed drinks seemed to enjoy them.

Also, the owner came around at one point and thanked us for stopping in. He later sent us dessert--four each of white-chocolate covered and milk-chocolate covered cheesecake bites. I thought the white chocolate one was tasty, but couldn't eat too much because I was bursting at the seams.

All in all, we had a great experience, and would definitely go back. Some of us agreed that it's a good restaurant for a large group of people. Otherwise, it could be a bit overwhelming with all the small plates.

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