Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Indian-Spiced Salmon

Last week, we made another Cooking Light recipe. This one for Indian-Spiced Salmon with Basmati Rice. The reason I picked it is because as I was reading through the most recent Cooking Light issue, I noticed there was a letter to the editor about it. It reads, "My 4-year-old son has requested I write you to tell you that he think the Indian Spiced Salmon (June) is 'awesome.'" I liked the sound of that, so I wanted to try it.

Here is the recipe. We followed the ingredients list exactly. And we followed the directions as they're written, except that after the timer went off, the salmon definitely wasn't done. Our broiler has a high and low setting, and I think we had it on low, although the fish was on the top. It might have been a better idea to broil it on high. So we broiled it for a few additional minutes, and, unfortunately, it was a bit too long. The salmon was a bit dry. But the spices were great, and basmati rice, while relatively plain, was tasty, too.
We served the salmon and rice with a veggie mix from our CSA box, including zucchini and frying red pepper. I just sauteed them in olive oil with some spices and herbs until they were tender.


  1. You don't often find recipes for salmon that have an indian flair! Thanks for the link to the recipe!

  2. Thanks for the comment! I, too, thought that same thing. I'm a sucker for anything with an Indian flair!