Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wild Rice Meatloaf with Cheese Sauce

Over the weekend, we were at my parents' house, and my mom gave me a huge bag of wild rice. Every time my dad goes up north on business, he brings back wild rice, so they have three or four big bags of it!

This bag also came with a little recipe booklet, and while all of the recipes looked good, one stuck out--Wild Rice Meatloaf with Cheese Sauce. I'm not quite sure why, because growing up, I hated meatloaf (just ask my mom!). But I wanted to try it, and this recipe was different than any I had ever seen.

For starters, the recipe called for 1/2 cup uncooked wild rice, which you had to cook before it went in the meatloaf. So for 1/2 cup wild rice, bring 1.5 cups water to a boil, add wild rice and return to a boil. Then reduce heat and simmer, covered for 50-60 minutes (50 minutes was perfect for me). You could easily make this the night before and just keep it in the fridge until needed.

For the meatloaf:
-the cooked wild rice (comes to about 2 cups cooked)
-1 lb. ground beef
-3 eggs beaten
-2 ribs celery, chopped
-1 medium onion, chopped
-3/4 cup chopped fresh mushrooms
-1 tsp. salt
-1/4 teas. pepper
-I also added about 1/4 teas. garlic powder
Combine beef with the eggs, wild rice, celery, onion, mushrooms, salt and pepper. Pat into a 9x3x5 loaf/bread pan, coated with cooking spray, and bake at 350 degrees for an hour.

When there is about 5-7 minutes left on the meatloaf, make the cheese sauce:
-2 tsp. butter
-2 tsp. flour
-1 cup milk
-1 cup grated cheddar cheese

In a saucepan, melt butter. With a whisk, mix in flour. When mixed, pour in milk and add cheese, constantly whisking to melt cheese and thicken.

When the meatloaf is done, take out of the pan (flip over on to a plate or tray).
Pour cheese sauce over the meatloaf. Slice and serve. We got five servings out of ours.

We served the meatloaf with frozen peas--this is exactly the type of meal my mom made when I was growing up!

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