Sunday, February 27, 2011

Restaurant Review: Classic Slice

I've been wanting to try Classic Slice for a long time. I had heard only great things about the Bay View location, so when they somewhat recently opened a location on North Avenue, on the east side, and our friend Jon started working there, I knew we'd get to it sooner than later.

So, Friday night, Nate and I, and Jon and Amanda, headed there for dinner. I had been dreaming about it all day, as I knew we'd be in for a treat--and a huge meal. Boy, was I right! We had an incredible amount of food, and everything was great. In total, we got six slices and split most of them so we could try all the different toppings. I should mention that these are not your ordinary pizza slices--one slice is probably equal to three regular-sized triangle slices.

Slice No. 1: Baconizer--bacon, sausage, mushroom and pesto. REALLY tasty, even though the sausage was a little greasy (which can be expected, I suppose!).
Slice No. 2: Ann Curry--curry sauce, broccoli, spinach, mushroom, tomatoes, tofu, and we added cheese (even though it's listed under the vegan options). This was tasty, too, but it didn't taste much like pizza. It was more like a Thai dish on some bread.

Slice No. 3: Milmac 'n Cheese--mac and cheese on pizza. Sound weird? It's not. At all. It's super delicious and incredibly cheesey. It's made even better with a few quirts of sriracha sauce.

Slice No. 4: Super Veggie--red sauce, mushrooms, broccoli, spinach and vegan sausage. I've never had vegan sausage on a pizza, but it was really pretty good. The pizza had great flavor with lots of fantastic, fresh veggies.

Slice No. 5: La Dolce--tomatoes, fresh garlic, fresh mozzarella and basil. This is the caprese at most pizza places. It was great here--anything with fresh mozzarella is a-ok in my book.

Slice No. 6: Another Milmac 'n Cheese with broccoli. We didn't intend to order this, but the gal making the slices forgot to put broccoli on the other slice, so we got another one. Score!

All in all, everything was great but extremely filling! Not only were the toppings good, but the dough--a sour dough--was delicious. I think we likely would have been fine with five slices, if not four. I'll definitely be back!

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