Thursday, February 24, 2011

Couscous Stuffed Chicken

We hadn't made many recipes out of the January/February 2011 issue of Cooking Light, so I did some digging to find a recipe that sounded tasty. The one I settled on was Couscous-Stuffed Chicken. The recipe was pretty easy, although it took some work to flatten the chicken, stuff it and roll it up.

We changed a few things with the recipe:
-Vegetable broth rather than chicken broth, just because I had an open carton.
-Grape tomatoes rather than plum, because we always have grape tomatoes on hand for salads.
-Black olives rather than kalamata (Nate doesn't like kalamata, while I LOVE them)
-Dried parsley rather than fresh because I had it on hand.
-No oregano, as I discovered I didn't have any!

The chicken was good, although it probably could have used a bit more salt or more of a kick of flavor. I think the kalamatas would have been really good (and salty!), but alas ...
The chicken reheats well too--I just had some for dinner tonight (a few days later), it was still tasty and juicy.

We had the chicken with sauteed spinach. I just sauteed the spinach with a bit of water, some hojiblanca olive oil I got for a Christmas present, lemon juice, garlic powder and some sliced onions. It was really good, but man, that spinach shrinks when it cooks! I had a whole big bunch of it, and it was barely enough for two of us.

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