Thursday, August 5, 2010

Not Every Dish is a Winner

It's bound to happen once in a while. Even if it looks really, really good in the picture, there's a chance it's not going to taste really, really good.

That's what happened with Wednesday's meal, a Spring Vegetable Carbonara. As I said before, all our meals this week came from the May 2010 Cooking Light (maybe that should have been my first hint--using spring veggies in the middle of summer). We followed the recipe pretty closely, yet it just didn't have much taste.

Here is the recipe for Spring Vegetable Carbonara. Here's what we did differently:

-We used the bow tie pasta we had leftover from this recipe instead of the cavatappi.
-Since it's not asparagus season, I used frozen.

-We used turkey bacon, rather than regular bacon, since we had some in the freezer. Since it's not as fatty as regular bacon, there wasn't any drippings left to cook the bell pepper, so we used some olive oil.

The sauce didn't get as thick as it probably should have been. I'm not sure why. And it needed some more salt or garlic ... or something. Like I said, not every dish is a winner. We probably won't make this again (it sure did look good, though!). Also, please note: if you do make this and heat up the leftovers, be sure to not heat it too long nor on too high in the microwave. The egg gets a little scrambled-eggy!

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