Friday, November 5, 2010

Restaurant Review: Palomino

Last Saturday, we spent the evening in Bay View, as it was our friend Ann's weekend in town before moving away. She had lived around the corner from Palomino for about a year, and we thought it would be a proper send off to have dinner there.

I've been to Palomino numerous times, including with Ann for this brunch experience. I've always enjoyed my food, but I know going into it I'm not getting a healthy meal out of it! In my experience, too, it seems that while I love vegetarian food, I've liked the meaty meals better.

Palomino (is it weird the restaurant/bar doesn't have a website?) is a funky Bay View bar, specializing in comfort foods, many of them in vegetarian or vegan form. Like I said, it's not known for health food--most dishes are fried, come with two sides (like tater tots!) and are pretty greasy.

While I love my fair share of greasy food and I always enjoy my food at Palomino, this past visit I realized just how greasy it can be.

I didn't try everyone's dishes, so I don't want to make comments on those. The other three ordered a wide range of foods: rack of ribs, ranch chicken wrap and pulled pork.

Ann ordered a turkey chipotle sandwich and I ordered the portabella Philly sandwich.

Ann and I spilt the sides we got with our orders: hush puppies, tater tots, sweet potato casserole and jalapeno poppers.

My sandwich was OK. It wasn't as flavorful as I had hoped it would be, and it was extremely greasy--more greasy than I think it needed to be. The tater tots, as usual, were awesome and so was the sweet potato casserole. Ann's sandwich (I got to eat half of it the next day for lunch leftovers) had good flavor, but was really greasy, too. It's one thing when your tater tots and hush puppies are greasy--that's to be expected. But when your sandwich is almost dripping with grease, it's not appealing, in my opinion.

The greasy elements really won't stop me from eating there again. They have a good beer selection and you can't go wrong with being able to pick two sides with your meal! I think next time I'll try the macaroni and cheese--I've heard lots of good things about it, and I can't imagine it would be too greasy ...

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