Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Quick and Easy" Potato Soup

I used the quotation marks because for some reason, while I like to think I'm at least a decent cook, this supposedly quick and easy potato soup from Cooking Light took me forever, and I had a few setbacks. But, luckily, the soup tasted pretty good.

The recipe is for Loaded Baked Potato Soup. A lot of the directions involve the microwave, which you think would make things easier, but I guess I rarely cook with the microwave and don't really know what I'm doing.

First of all, I followed the recipe pretty closely, except for a few things:
-I forgot the green onions (I used them all up when making the baos).
-We forgot to buy cheddar cheese, so we used the pepper jack we had. (Pepper jack and bacon for toppings:)

-I didn't have red potatoes, so I used a random combination of the potatoes I did have (including one purple/blue one, which looked kind of odd).

-I used skim milk rather than 1%.

Here's what I did wrong, and some words of wisdom:
-The worst thing I did was severely overcook the potatoes. The recipe calls for cooking the potatoes for 13 minutes on high. That was a mistake. I should have just used the microwave's potato setting. The potatoes were pretty dry, but at least workable. If you can, peel the potatoes before cooking them. I ended up with quite a bit of potato peel in the soup, which was OK. I'm not sure what was with the potato with the weird middle--I'm not sure if it was a dud potato or if I dried it out so much. The rest of the potato was fine.

-I didn't think there were enough potatoes--the soup seems rather liquidy--so I cooked two more potatoes. Well, I REALLY overcooked these two potatoes (below). I ended up having to throw them away.
-Once you put the milk in the saucepan, be sure to watch the soup VERY closely--it doesn't take much for the milk to boil over! This didn't happen to me, but it almost did.
-With cooking all those potatoes, the 20-minute recipe ended up taking me about an hour! I think it's for the better though--the soup had lots of flavor and thickened nicely.

Like I said, despite all this, the soup was really pretty tasty. It thickened up quite a bit as it sat on the stove. I think it would be even better with the green onions (and make for a better picture).


  1. I love it that you've blogged this recipe, even though it didn't go perfectly as planned. I'm sure it still tasted fabulous, even without those onions!

  2. Hey Lo! Thanks for the comment. I always figure why not blog about it? Maybe someone had the same experiences as I did. And even though most dishes turn out well and taste good, not all of them do. :)