Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fish Gyros

We have a lot of pan fish Nate and my parents caught while we were up north on Little St. Germain Lake. We also love anything with Greek flavors (I know I've mentioned my Greek honeymoon a hundred times!), so this Cooking Light recipe for Broiled Tilapia Gyros was a perfect fit.

Obviously, we didn't use tilapia, as there aren't many tilapia swimming around in northern Wisconsin. We used a combination of pan fish, such as perch and sunfish. The recipe is pretty simple, and we followed it closely, although it didn't take much.

One big difference, though, was how we cooked the fish. Instead of broiling the fish, however, we just pan fried them, since we had sweet potato fries baking in the oven. Also, instead of making our own tzatziki, we bought our favorite stuff from the Greek grocery store on 91st and Greenfield Ave.

The gyros were really good. With all the flavors of the tzatziki, onions and avocado, it was hard to taste the fish, but it was still a good combination.

As I mentioned, we served the gyros with sweet potato fries. We've discovered the cooking them at 375 degrees for about 15-20 minutes is perfect. They're tender but not limp like they can get if they cook for too long.

Also, we had up some leftover cauliflower mash with shallots I experimented with a bit. I took the mash, combined it with some milk and mozzarella cheese, put it in a baking dish and topped it with bread crumbs. I threw it in the oven with the Sweet potato fries. It was good--a little different than the first time around, but nothing too crazy.
All in all, it was a pretty tasty meal.

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