Sunday, October 31, 2010

Restaurant Review: Seoul Korean Restaurant

Between traveling and my monthly ethnic dining outings, I've tried a lot of different ethnic food. I had never tried Korean, however, until last week, when my girlfriends and I went to Seoul Korean Restaurant for our October ethnic dining outing. I had down some reading up on Korean food, and from seeing it on various food and travel TV shows, I was really looking forward to it.

The restaurant is a cute, little restaurant on Prospect Ave. on Milwaukee's east side. Our group of four sat in a little room sort of off on its own from the main dining room. While we were given individual menus, the entire menu was up on the wall next to our table, too.

Sun, a member of our ethnic dining group who has been to South Korea, had some suggestions and recommendations for us. One of them was jin man du, or steamed dumplings, which we had for an appetizer. They were really good. They were stuffed with veggies and tofu and came with a really tasty sauce.

With our meals, we all got a bowl of the soup of the day, which was a mostly broth soup with some radish and chunks of beef. It was basic, but really good.
The waiter also brought little bowls of items to share: kimchi with vegetables, kimchi with radish, seaweed, spinach and some kind of squid. Both kimchis were really good (the one with radish was a little spicier) and so was the spinach and seaweed. I liked the taste of the squid, but it was really chewy and sticky.

For our main dishes, Lisa got the job chae, which was pan broiled sweet potato noodles with vegetables (you can also get it with beef). It was really good (I had a bite!), but really didn't taste like sweet potatoes (maybe that was the point, for some reason?).

If memory serves me correct, Sun got the beef bul go ki, which is thinly sliced beef with vegetables marinated in Korean BBQ sauce. It came with huge leaves of lettuce with which to wrap the beef mixture. The taste was great, but some of the beef was a little gristly.

Leah and I both ordered the bibimbob (or bibimbap) ini a heated stone bowl. She got hers with tofu and I got mine with beef. In addition to the protein, each of the dishes came with rice, vegetables (all sorted individually) and an over-easy egg. We each also got our own bottle of hot sauce. Since it came in the stone bowl, the dish keeps cooking, and you're supposed to keep mixing everything together, with the sauce, to get everything coated and cooked. The meal was really, really good. The flavors were great and it was fun sort of mixing everything as we went along. There was a lot of food, too, so I finished the meal a few days later for lunch.
Before mixing:
After mixing:

All in all, it was a great experience, and I really enjoyed Korean food. There is plenty more I'd like to try on the menu, so I'm sure I'll be back!


  1. I like this place, too. The only Korean place I know of in MKE.

  2. Sake Tumi, on Milwaukee Street, also serves some Korean food. I think that's about it, though!