Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Crazy

I absolutely love this time of the year, because I love anything with pumpkin--pie, cupcakes, bread, pancakes, beer ... Sunday was a day full of baking pumpkin recipes.

For breakfast, Nate and I made pumpkin pancakes. We cheated a bit, and used a Wildtree pancake mix I had picked up at a Wildtree party quite a while ago. We had made them last year, and they turned out really well.

We decided to make the entire box (three batches) and just freeze what we didn't eat. They're super easy to make: just add oil, eggs and milk. I'd love to make pumpkin pancakes from scratch sometime.

Additionally, on Sunday afternoon, I made pumpkin bread from this Cooking Light recipe I used a few times last year. It's a great recipe, really easy and turns out great--if you follow the recipe exactly.

I was on a roll cooking and baking Sunday. We had made the pancakes, and I threw this bread recipe together, I made artichoke dip, hummus and had applesauce cooking in the crock pot. I must have gotten ahead of myself ...

I took the bread out after an hour, like the recipe called for, and checked it with a toothpick.
It was nowhere near done, so I put it in for another 20 minutes thinking that's all the time it needed. I let the bread cool, and when I cut into it, it was obviously not cooked all the way through and still looked more moist than it should.
Not knowing what to do, I put the bread back in the oven for 20 more minutes. I figured that would have to do it. The bread looked OK, but it still didn't look right. I couldn't figure out what went wrong, especially because I had made it numerous times.

A few hours later, I was glancing at the recipe again, and noticed I, for whatever reason, added 2 cans of pumpkin when the recipe calls for 1. Whoops!! Clearly, 2 cans were too much. Note to self: read the directions twice next time before starting. :)

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