Sunday, October 10, 2010

Restaurant Review: Thai-Namite

I had the day off work last Friday, so my friend Ann and I had a lovely girls' day: manis and pedis in the morning, massages in the afternoon, with a stop in the middle for lunch on the east side. Ann had gotten a recommendation for a newish Thai/sushi place on Brady Street, Thai-Namite (unfortunately, the website is still "under construction" so I have to write based on memory ...), so we decided to check that out.

We had a great experience. Good service and really good food--for a very good price. The place was different than I pictured it to be, but in a good way. It was very open with lots of windows, sleek and modern. The menu was quite large, and I didn't spend too much time looking through it after I caught a glimpse of their lunch specials. I knew I wanted Thai, rather than sushi, which seemed to be the focus of the lunch specials. The six or so lunch specials each included a soda, a crispy spring roll and a noodle or rice dish with choice of meat (pork, beef, chicken, tofu or shrimp) all for $8 (I think shrimp was $2 more). (Sorry for the flipped picture below--this always happens with my point-and-shoot camera.)

Ann had a noodle dish, with really wide and fresh noodles, beef, broccoli and green beans (there may have been something else on the plate).

I had the holy basil dish, with white rice, tofu, green beans, peppers and onions, and a slightly spicy chili sauce.

We also started with edamame. You could have it chilled or warm, and we elected for warm.

Everything was very tasty, fresh and an incredible deal. I'd definitely go back and explore the menu in more detail.

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