Monday, June 7, 2010

Greek Burgers + Some Extras

We're still using up the feta and tzatziki I keep mentioning, so we decided to make Greek turkey burgers Sunday night. They were pretty darn tasty, but really, to us, anything Greek is tasty!

We had about 12 oz. of ground turkey in the freezer, so we made that into two patties. Nate seasoned them with garlic, pepper, salt, fresh oregano, rosemary and thyme, and grilled them. We added some feta to the burgers while they were still on the grill, and later topped the patties with tzatziki, tomatoes, red onions and spinach. They were huge! And delicious. We had a salad on the side.

Also, two random mini posts:
On Saturday, to use up some random ingredients we had in the fridge, I made a tasty veggie pita sandwich. I split a piece of pita bread, and stuffed it with some of my homemade hummus, tomatoes, red peppers, lettuce and spinach, artichokes and emmental cheese.

Last week, I bought a Whirley Pop popcorn maker. I've been wanting one for a while, because I want to get away from making microwave popcorn. Not that we make popcorn a lot, but it's a tasty and fairly healthy snack to have.

We finally busted it out on Sunday for an afternoon snack. We made two batches since the "partial" batch only made about two handfuls. It was pretty good--a little chewy, but that may have had something to do with the kernels we bought. As a topping, we tried some seasonings (I think what we have is Parmesan ranch and another is a Spice House creation of some sort).

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