Sunday, March 14, 2010

Casablanca Part Deux

My sister-in-law, Ali, was in town Friday night, and it's become a bit of a tradition to take her to a fun, ethnic restaurant for dinner. So far, we've done sushi, Mongolian and Indian with her. Friday, we did Middle Eastern.

Nate's new favorite place is Casablanca, and I'm always up for Middle Eastern food. We were just there on Valentine's Day, but no matter--there is always something great to try on the menu!

Everything we had was great, and Ali really liked everything she tried. We got the spinach pie appetizer to start with.

We each had a bowl of the fabulous lentil soup.

Ali had the vegetarian Casablanca Combination, which I had last time. Nate had shawarma, which is like a Middle Eastern gyro (below).
I got a combination of chicken kabob and beef kifta kabob, which came with veggies and really tasty rice (below).

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