Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pudding Shots

So the story of pudding shots (think Jell-O shots but made with pudding) goes back to a few weeks ago, when Nate, my parents and I were on a motorcycle trip around southwest Wisconsin. We stopped at a bar in a very tiny town (Gratiot, WI, to be exact) for a drink before heading back to our homebase for the weekend.

We all ordered beers, and in addition to those beers, the bartenders gave us little cups of what looked like frozen yogurt. It turns out, they were pudding shots--little alcoholic desserts made with four simple ingredients: pudding, schnapps or Pucker, milk and Cool Whip.

The ones they gave us first were strawberry or raspberry (really can't remember, and that has nothing to do with drinking) and delicious! I thought they tasted like taffy. We another one--one with a chocolate pudding base, I believe--which was equally good. The bartender kindly shared the recipe, and Nate and I knew we'd be making them someday soon.

That day came last weekend, when Nate and I went to that cookout in which we took the roasted corn salsa. We thought it would be a good opportunity to try making them.

Nate couldn't find Pucker at the liquor store he stopped at, so he got a bottle of watermelon schnapps, which worked out just fine. They're so easy to make--the hardest part is finding appropriate popsicle sticks for them!

Pudding shots

  • 1 cup milk

  • 8 oz. Cool Whip

  • 3/4 cup schnapps or Pucker

  • 1 small package pudding (they told use to use white chocolate, which I couldn't find, so I picked up cheesecake pudding)

Put everything in a large bowl and whisk (don't stir with a spoon!) everything together. The mixture will be chunky at first, but keep whisking--it gets very smooth.

Pour into small plastic or paper cups, place some type of popsicle stick in the center (we used toothpicks and broken plastic spoons) and freeze overnight.

These were also a hit at the cookout, and everyone was talking about the different flavors you could try--chocolate pudding and creme de menthe was a popular idea.


  1. We used to make pudding pops when we were little, but I like the adult version much better!

    Did these have a popsicle consistency or were they a bit softer?


  2. Definitely softer--more like soft serve. They're kind of difficult to eat as an actual popsicle, but still, they're darn tasty!