Thursday, January 13, 2011

U.P. Pasties

I had been eyeing up some U.P. pasties for a while in Outpost's freezer section. Last Friday, without real dinner plans, I decided to pick some up. I've always loved pasties--my mom used to get the U.P. ones for dinner sometimes when I was growing up. And during the semester I spent in London, I had many Cornish pasties--there was a great little place in Covent Garden. You could even buy tasty frozen ones at the local Safeway.

Of course, I threw away the wrappers before I wrote down the brand. But they were super tasty, and you can find them in the freezers at Outpost! I got the beef and veggie one for Nate, and I got a veggie and cheese one for myself.

All I had to do was bake them for about an hour at 350 degrees. That was it! We had them with the leftover root vegetable hash (well, I did--Nate tried but couldn't finish his!).

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