Monday, February 20, 2012

Beer-y Cupcakes

Like lots of other people (mostly gals, I'm sure), I'm currently obsessed with Pinterest. My "Yum!" board is definitely the fullest of my boards, and there are TONS of recipes I want to try.

One of the first Pinterest recipes I made was this one for Blue Moon cupcakes, from The Bitchin' Kitchen. The thought of beer inside cupcakes was just too much, so I knew I had to make them and bring them to work for our Thursday afternoon beer club.

I followed the recipe closely, as I usually do for baking, only -- despite the name -- I didn't use Blue Moon beer, but rather Gumball Head from Three Floyds Brewery. I also elected to make mini cupcakes instead of the regular-sized ones, as I knew many people would want to try them.

For the frosting, I followed the original recipe fairly closely, but after reading some comments, I decided to cut the amount of powered sugar in half, from 5 cups to 2.5 cups. It was plenty sweet, and 5 cups would have been way too much. 

I had the cupcake testers frost the cakes as they ate them, as I thought the cream cheese frosting would get to soupy if I had frosted them beforehand.  

The verdict? Really tasty with just a hint of beer flavor and smell. The orange cream cheese frosting was great, too (I used up the last of it on Nilla Wafers and graham crackers. Yum!).


  1. Did you get the Yuppie Hill eggs from Outpost?

  2. Hi Dan -- Yup, they're from Outpost. They're the only eggs we buy unless they're out!

  3. Man, I've been missing out on some sweet recipes here...I gotta remember to check this more often! Beer cupcakes? Eeeeeeeeee!!! :)

  4. Heck yeah you are! You can actually now sign up for email alerts when I post somethig new. If you scroll up, enter your email address in the "Follow by email" box.